Professional Experiences

What People Are Saying…

“Although Anthony worked in a completely different office, I’ve tried several times to get him on our team. His work with the Missouri Department of Transportation has been invaluable. He has taken on a leadership role with several communications projects and has exceeded expectations every time. No kidding. Anthony is one of the most outstanding employees I’ve ever worked with.”
Matt Hiebert, Missouri Department of Transportation
“Anthony is a very dedicated worker and can quickly provide you with an accurate, detailed press release. He also knows that your customers are the top priority and provides great service to them.”
Kurt Wengert, Missouri Department of Transportation
“Anthony has a great ability to work with a diverse group of internal and external customers. He has been a team member on a variety of projects, which benefited from his creative style. Anthony has strong skill sets and impresses me with his knowledge and professionalism.”
Sandra Riley, Missouri Department of Transportation
“Anthony is the guy everyone goes to when they have a project requiring a creative mind. He would be a great addition to any team. He is very professional in his interaction with colleagues and customers.”
Aaron McVicker, Missouri Department of Transportation
“Anthony is incredibly adept at teaching himself new technology and skills. He is a wonderful source of expertise when it comes to software and how to do certain things with that software. Anthony is a great people person and is eager to help co-workers and the customer.”
Wendy Brunner-Lewis, Missouri Department of Transportation
“Mr. Zuccarini worked for Moberly Area Community College as an adjunct instructor from 2002 to 2003 and had also worked as a Learning Center Tutor previously. He received very good evaluations and it was noted that he had “outstanding” rapport with students. Mr. Zuccarini is knowledgeable in his discipline and was nominated for the Adjunct Excellence in Teaching Award for spring 2003.”
Dr. Evelyn Jorgenson, Moberly Area Community College
“Anthony was a student of mine in an MBA program where the students had to write individual papers and make individual presentations as well as complete and present, as a study group, both in writing and orally, a business plan. Obviously, Anthony was a leader in his cohort and his study group excelling in all the work that he did for the course. I was impressed enough by Anthony that after his graduation from the program I offered him a job with the university. I highly recommend Anthony to any potential employer.”
Terry Culver, William Woods University